Little Things


Reassurance when you least expect , 

A knowing glance exchanged among the select ,

A warm hug when friends meet ,

A photo , a tag or a tweet 


Memories that remind me of

that twinkling eye and the  hearty laugh 

Of kindness both deliberate and inbred

When what was done was left unsaid 

And flashes of humor lit  up the dull lives we led


The little things you did still bring a smile

For a generosity like that seldom goes out of style 





Tomorrow ,
Will i stand and smile
At rainbows and colored tiles
At old worn books and dusty files

Will I still believe
That music seeps through the rustle of leaves
Will i still pause
To wonder at an ancient curse
Or the beauty in the turn of a verse .

Will I still love, ribbons and starry gift wraps
Will I still be clueless around a map
Will I still laugh till my stomach hurts
Will  I  still cry till the hurt melts

Tomorrow ,
As the sun dawns , the question remains
Who will I be
And will I be me