A woman in a man’s world

women“We still think of a powerful man as a born leader and a powerful woman as an anomaly.”

Even in this day and age , a powerful woman still is an anomaly .Whenever I see a woman in senior management positions , I am awed . I truly am . Because , the fact of the matter is , the social mores that women have to conform to have not changed one little bit . You can be the senior Vice President at  work ,but  you would still be the primary care giver at home . Is this fair . No . But at the moment , at least within my generation I don’t see this changing .Which is why those women are  amazing . Out of the ordinary . Because for  a woman , the choice comes down to -career or family . And  that is such a cruel choice.

The number of really confident , smart , skilled women who  have left the workforce after marriage /children is too huge. Mind you , they did not leave it because they did not want to work , they did because they could no longer efficiently juggle the pressures of home and office . And that to me is a tragedy . Its such a waste of potential , of dreams , of aspirations, While graduating  from college,that girl would have had hopes to make it big . To give up on that midway , because of biology, is just  sad . And what’s sadder is  this blunt resignation  that there is but no other way .

Of course , I do realize that not everyone wants to work all life . A lot many women are happiest at home . I have no issues with that . What I  have problem with, is this invalidation of the power to choose . This assumption that it has to be either this or that . Hell I want it all, I want to be Vice President and wife and mother and daughter. Its difficult and I will probably go crazy before that . But I want to have the right to at least make a decent attempt . And sure , corporate life is really not as rosy as its made out to be . Midway through ,  I may want to quit. When I am tired of all the dirty politics,and  of the sycophancy. I  may quit , when I can no longer stifle the urge to scream-“Emperor you have  no clothes” . But it will be my choice .

And i do realize I sound naive , I am neither Vice President nor a mother right now and I already have my hands full . But its frustrating , how easily people accept it as inevitable  . Hell at the rate  woman are dropping out of the workforce , it would soon be called  the glass floor not ceiling . And any attempt to modify the above scenario earns you the  tag of  a feminist .

I wish that I bring up my daughter so that she

  • Never plays victim
  • Knows her mind and can make decisions
  • Respects others and herself .
  • Explores the world and  is exposed to different world views .
  • is strong confident and kind .
  • Expects nothing less than the best and gives nothing less than that .

Funny I would wish the same things for my son .

And if that makes me a feminist  so be it .