Embrace your inner ‘Aunty’

In India , once you are married and/or look like you might be more than 20 yrs older than the 6 year old kid squealing at  you  , you are immediately called an ‘Aunty’. The first time this happened to me I was in quite a shock . I am quite unlikely to forget the incident as well ,as I was surrounded by my completely irreverent sister who echoed those words in laughing glee all the way home .

Off late , I  seem  to bear it with a  kinda resigned acceptance . After all , I am definitely 20 years older than the kid . And I will have my revenge on all those moms when my kid is born and learns to speak . MUHAHAA (EVIL SMILE).

I have also come to the conclusion that  youth is  extremely overrated . And  being older is in fact extremely liberating for all the below reasons

1.In-Trend -I was never much of a fashionista and  I really thought that most of the clothes that were ‘in’ were just plain uncomfortable. And throughout my youth , I used to dress in strictly comfortable clothes. Consequently ,  I was often admonished for not making an effort to look any good 🙂 .When I see a 15 year old in a mini skirt on a cold winter’s  night in Delhi , I have to admit  that she does  look uber cool with her  perfect skin and high heels . Yet when there is a sudden blast of chilly air , I pull my coat  closer and stay blissfully warm . I would take comfortably warm over uber cool any day . And now that I am older -I don’t  even have to pretend that I care

2. Boy Talk -A significant portion of time in a ‘girls’ gang is taken up over who is dating who and why . Not that I don’t like my share of gossip , but frankly this incessant fixation on relationships used to just irritate the hell out of me when I was younger . Now that I am older , when a girl asks me why the guy she is interested in is so not interested in her , I can tell her straight out that -‘baby that’s because you were busy ignoring him till 2 days back and he is tired of games ‘.  You don’t even have to feign sympathy to these types any more  🙂 .

3. Peer Pressure – Lets all accept it , no matter how supremely self confident you were when you were  younger , every single one of us did face some amount of peer pressure . And whether you succumbed to it or not , it did cause its fair share of insecurity and bitterness . Now that  you are older , you are much more comfortable in your own skin and a lot less susceptible to letting another’s  opinion define you .

In conclusion ,once  you are past the angst of youth,you can relish and enjoy things that you truly love .There is no point in denying that you are no longer 20 . There is no grace in  behaving like a sullen teenager just because people around you put up with it . There is no need for the desperation that I see on a lot of women’s face when confronted with their age . There is no need to be ‘wannabe’ . Just be you .  Laugh often . Surround yourself with beautiful things . Do things that you like doing . Find time for your friends . Remember that  you don’t have to fit in to any crowd . If you truly fit , the crowd accommodates and enjoys  your peculiarities  .So  just go  ahead and embrace your inner aunty 😉


One thought on “Embrace your inner ‘Aunty’

  1. Good one Shankari ! This article depicts how a regular and most common girl feel ! Nice attempt ! Keep up the good work !

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