5 Emotions and a Person

Lists seem to be all of a rage recently . There seems to be a list  for  just about everything – ranging from the ridiculously mundane (5 ways to comb your hair) to  seriously outrageous( 5 ways to dump your boyfriend ). In any case , it looks like they  are here to stay .if you cant fight them , its best to join them .

Pregnancy and child birth  are said to be life altering events . Well , I just had no idea about the magnitude of that alteration until I experienced it . Every emotion has a range. The following are 5 emotions I  thought I  knew prior to being pregnant , only to discover that I had barely skimmed their lower octaves all my life  ,


1, Fear -No one can live 25+ years without having experienced this emotion . But until you are pregnant , you don’t experience  gut wrenching fear . The kind that grips you when the   grim sonographer is silent for long stretches  during an ultrasound  . You don’t know fear until  they tell  you that your baby’s heart beat  is dropping while in labor , The kind of fear that leaves an acidic after taste. Its the kind of fear that would make you pray.plead ,beg,threaten and sell your soul to whoever offers to set it right . Fear –  At its most intense

2. Pain -Physical and mental . Sure , we have been through all sorts of pain in life . But , ladies its  not a myth , there is nothing as painful as labor .When the calm voice states after 8 long hours -‘You are only 3 cms dilated , at this rate , it would take another 16-24 hrs “, all you want to do is faint .  Pain – in all its glory .

3. Embarrassment –  Haha , Well , let me tell you , between your first physical examination and  your last , you would have turned all shades of pink .And having experienced that , you are certain you would never  blush ever again . Embarrassment – in all its squeamishness

4, Love – You have been in love before .You think you know all the facets of love – from the platonic to the romantic . And then you hold your child . And then he smiles . And you fall . Never to get  up again . Love  – in its all encompassing beauty.

5. Contentment – You have always been Inherently  restless and   on the lookout for the next peak to scale . What is this strange feeling that creeps into you while you rock your child . Tired arms and dreamy  eyes  . Innocent eyes and toothless  grins . Contentment- In full bloom ..

Starting with a heart beat  and culminating with a baby  , the entire  nine months is nothing short of a miracle . And in this process, you come to understand the one person who has always been there  for you .  You gain a new appreciation for  all that she  has done and continues to do and what it must have cost her.  You now have a new hero .  Your Mom .